How to start your international business. What you need to know about Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to make your business to grow.

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How to start your international business.  What you need to know about Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to make your business to grow.

  • Most of you have hearlogod about immense success and growth of Dubai and the UAE as the whole.
  • Many of you have heard about astonishing projects Dubai has put into real life.
  • A number of you have already visited Dubai as tourists.

But not many of you know on the advantages UAE offers for business. 

And these advantages are one of the strongest factors which made Dubai to be what it is now. And it also gave a large number of people the opportunity to become really wealthy when making business in Dubai or over Dubai.

In this article we give you the most important points on how to make business in Dubai or over Dubai, UAE and make money, big money !

  1. Many of you believe you can make a company in UAE only with a local person participating in such company. This is wrong as you can have the company in Dubai which would belong to you to 100%.
  2. You need to know Arabic to make business in UAE. No – absolute majority of people living in UAE speak English. Moreover, practically all business correspondence is done in English. And even the Dubai company incorporation documents can be prepared in English.
  3. To make a company in UAE you need a lot of money. In reality you can start with the international business company which the costs from USD 2.200,- only.
  4. What is the difference? Taxes are taxes. This is the point which not all of you clearly understand and know. In fact in UAE most of types of business do not pay ANY taxes, which makes this country so business-attractive.
  5. Company registration is a slow and complicated process. No, company can be registered literally in a couple of days only. Especially if you get an assistance of a corporate service provider.

On top of the above there are no customs duties, very attractive legal framework, not expensive labour, secure environment for investments and all you may need for business in terms of infrastructure.

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